Shock, horror! Human Barbie Doll Has Her Own Opinions

August 11, 2014

The human Barbie girl Valeria Lukyanova has become something of an online phenomenon and is regarded as a sex symbol by many young men of the kind who have more computers than friends. Personally I find her apearance bizarre and about as sexually alluring as cold porridge. Still each to there own, where would we be without diversity of opinion.

Which is a nice segue into the other reason Valeria Barbie Doll is causing sensation. Barbie has a mind of her own and is not afraid top talk about her opinions. And her opinions on race, which are totally unremarkable for an east European, are just proving too much for American liberals.

Read full post on human Barbie’s view on ‘race mixing’.

Bring Back Our Hummer, ISIS Mocks Obamas’ ‘Hashtag Diplomacy’

June 22, 2014

The ISIS forces fighting for the cause of an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria are being demonised by western mainstream media but reports say people living in the occupied areas of iraq are quite comfortable with the new rulers, and the mocking by ISIS of Barack and Michelle Obama’s hashtag diplomacy shows they have a sense of humour.

Read the full post on Barry and Michelle’s hashtag diplomacy and lots more irreverent, politically incorrect and gleefully evil satirical posts at our long running home Boggart Blog. Everybody is fair game, we do not discriminate on grounds of colour, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or social status, if you’re in the news, you’re in our sights.

Bring Back Our Hummer, ISIS Mocks Obamas’ ‘Hashtag Diplomacy’

Will Bilderberg End Privacy As We Know It? Agenda Suggests The Elite Will Know Everything About You

June 3, 2014

The sinister and secretive Bilderberg Group are meeting in Copenhagen this week (June 1 -8, 2014).

Forced by pressure from new media and public opinion to reveal some details of its proceedings the group, the existence of which was denied from it’s inauguration in 1952 to the beginning of the current century, seems set on a course of increasing surveillance of private individuals legitimate activities. It seems the less of a threat you pose to society, they more these bastards feel they can exploit your very natural fears. It is not al Qaeda you need to fear, but the elite.

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Bilderberg agenda suggests the elite want to know everything about you

Labour’s bacon Sandwich Fail Show They Are Unfit To Govern

May 31, 2014

<p><a href=”>Labour’s bacon Sandwich Fail Show They Are Unfit To Govern</a>
Some people might think Boggart Blog has the same style of rabid hatred for all Labour politicians and Labour supporters and lefties reserve for Michael Gove.

WRONG! All politicians are wankers and Labour politicians tend to be more hypocritical than others, and are actually posher and more elitist than Conservatives, Lib Dems and UKIPpers but one should hate them all equally, not for who they are but for what they represent.

Sadly the leftist mindset is not up to the job of multitasking so hatred as to be directed at specific things, Gove, The Daily Mail, Rupert Murdoch and Jeremy Clarkson are all objects of left wing hate.
[ ... ]
Take for your example the infamous bacon sandwich incident on the day before the European elections. Warned that Labour were losing votes to UKIP because working class people felt the party was elitist and out of touch, some out of touch elitist in the Labour Public Relations team decided Ed, who is not religious but is Jewish all the same, should be pictured eating a working class breakfast, a bacon sandwich.
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Labour’s bacon Sandwich Fail Show They Are Unfit To Govern


Another pompous, arrogant bigot slags off homeopathy

April 23, 2014

The argument about homeopathy is raging again. An article in a leading newspapers says oponents of homeopathic medicine must never tire of explaining that it doesn’t work. But when these science fanboys come up against an articulate defender of homeopathy, they rapidly descent to trying to shout down any opinion that differs from theirs.

Now I do not use homeopathic remedies and cannot foresee any circumstances in which I would but I do know people who swear homeopathy has worked for them. And I’m not about to start telling these people, including a very old friend, he is a gullible dupe.

What puzzles me about the anti homeopathy brigade is whay are they so evangelical in their efforts todissuade people from using it. We are adults, free to make up our own minds, I’ve made up mine – I’ll stick with conventional medicine but will question my doctors about what side effects any drug is likely to have.

Others are free to differ

Is Biocentrism The Theory Of Everything And Does It Prove There Is Life After death – Weird science

April 12, 2014

Is Biocentrism The Theory Of Everything And Does It Prove There Is Life After death – Weird science</a><br />Newtonian materialism and determinism, the orthodox creed of The Church of Scientism, is obviously as wrong scientifically as the idea that God created the universe in seven days arounf 6,000 years ago. While religious metaphor is perfectly acceptable to me, when I question the dogma of science, the science worshippers shout heretic and start a medieval witch hunt. Yet thee are many scientifically and logically sound ideas that offer better answers than determinism.

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Is Biocentrism The Theory Of Everything And Does It Prove There Is Life After death – Weird science


Swine Flu Scam Exposed: Useless Drugs And Vaccines – Lying Science Whores

April 10, 2014

Do you remember the great Swine flu Scam of 2009, the pandemic that was going to kill millions of us if we did not ruch off to get vaccinated? The pandemic that turned out to be such a non even, 2009 had far LESS deaths from influenza than most years. The Pandemic that cause the World Health Organisation to redefine the meaning of pandemic from “an illness that will sweep round the globe, infecting hudreds of millions and killing millions on all continents” to “an illness that will make a few people here and there feel a bit poorly.” yes, that Swine Flu pandemic.

The propaganda aimed at convincing us medical science can provide a vaccine to immunise us against death is not about the greatest good of the greatest number, it is about corporate profit and political power. Five years after the even the lies and fraud that created the swine flu ‘pandemic’ of 2009 are exposed. It was just a scam to sell a drug the scientists and manufacturers knew was no good.


Read more on the failed Swine Flu Pandemic scam and the lies and misrepresentations that are used to promote vaccines

Western Intelligence and the mysterious MH370 ping – a conspiracy of intelligence agencies

April 8, 2014

The mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 deepens as does the ocean in which the authorities are pretending to search for the disappeared Boeing 777. The latest reports coming out of the international search effort suggest however that having become a military intelligence operation rather than a civilian aviation matter, the whole thing is descending into farce as surface ships chase each other around the Indian Ocean following pings that might possibly be from a black box flight recorder but are more likely from the submarines searching in the same general area …



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Western intelligence and the mysterious MH370 ping – a conspiracy of intelligence agencies

New World Order annexation of Ukraine

March 26, 2014

Is it true that the uprising in Ukraine was anything but the spontaneous rebellion of a disenchanted population? Was it is fact just another regime change operation orchestrated by the FUKUS axis on behalf of the corporate and financial cartel that has hijacked western democracy.

This post looks at some of the big players in the American / Ukrainian ‘freedom’ movement and examines their links to Big Ag, Big Oil, Monsanto and big big money. And the picture that emerges looks very dirty indeed.  So was the revolution in Ukraine all it seemed, or was it just another regime change campaign by the FUKUS axis that like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria has not quite gone according to plan.

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New World Order annexation of Ukraine

Giant Whitewash Slick Sighted In Indian Ocean

March 26, 2014

The Malaysian Airlines missing Boeing 777 mystery is over, the mouthpieces of the New World Orderr declare. Though no wreckage has been found and technological data points to a very different conclusion, the powers that be have decided we must all accept the Boeing 777 few way beyond its range, into a remote area of the Indian Ocean well over a thousand miles from land where the pilot ditched it. and we can all stop asking difficult question or else – see!

Well the thing about the freethinkers of the blogosphere is we don’t stop asking difficult questions, we keep hammering away and although we don’t often get the whole truth, at least everyone is now aware our governments and the global elites are our enemy.

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Journalism is reporting news somebody does not want reported – anything else is public relations: George Orwell


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