‘Frustrated’ computer scientist gives perfect response to ‘patronising’ tweet

 Computers can often be frustration, not only to novice or casual users, but for very different reasons, to people like myself with long careers in delivering computer based systems for business behind us. The problem is if course the rise of the nerds, those OCD bell ends who are totally obsessed with technology and are also utterly convinced that computers are smarter than humans. The first program I wrote was loaded from punched paper tape so that gives an idea of how far back I go. People who agree with my view that computers are fine tools for doing repetitive tasks but only humans can do the thinking  are not necessarily the older computer professionals, but those who understand where machine intelligence is in relation to human intelligence. People like Prof. Jan Golbeck, a senior lecturer in computer technology for example. Ms Golbeck does not like the Java language that sits behind HTML and Java Script and is the real engine that drives the internet, in fact the Prof tweeted that she would like to punch the object oriented programming language in the face, a comment which drew a patronisint responce from one twitter twat:
from The Daily Telegraph
Jen Golbeck Twitter 
Professor Jen Golbeck replied to a ‘mansplainer’ on Twitter  Credit: Jen Golbeck / Twitter 

A computer scientist has revealed her ‘frustration’ at others thinking she is technologically illiterate because of her gender.

Jen Golbeck, an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, shared of a screenshot of an exchange she had with a male Twitter user.

She initially tweeted her frustration at using Java, a popular computer programming language, explaining that she wanted to “punch it in the face”.

Credit: Twitter 

Professor Golbeck then received a ‘patronising’ response from another user who encouraged her to ‘learn it’ – along with a winky face.

She tweeted back to the “mansplainer” that she is actually a computer science professor who has taught programming classes.

“I’m a computer science professor. I’ve taught a dozen programming classes that use java. I know it, thanks,” she wrote.

Her response has been shared by more than 20,000 users, with one user responding: “Mansplaining in 140 characters or less is the worst.”

Professor Golbeck added that she finds ‘mansplaining’ tweets very frustrating, adding that she regularly receives similar comments.

In August, another professor shut down a student’s ‘homophobic’ tweet with this response.

While this girl’s note to a boy about the importance of boundaries also went viral.

Now I understand the Prof’s frustration. Object oriented languages are modular in nature, and by making pre – compiled code modules available to perform common tasks they assume every programmer wants to do the same things in exactly the same way. This means that any programmer wishing to do anything out of the ordinary usually has to go through some complex and long winded loops to do simple things. And because it tries to be all things to all men, Java (and other Object Oriented languages) lead to massive software bloat, which is why we all have to have a supercomputer on our lap in order to run an operating system.


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