Government Spurns People Who Offered Spare Rooms For Immigrants

Following the Ministry Of Truth emotional blackmail that used the emotive picture of Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler washed up on a Turkish beach to appeal to the eternal wailing-and-gnashing-of-teeth brigade, at least 4,200 gullible morons people have offered spare rooms in their homes to Syrian refugees, only to be told ‘no thanks’ by the government.
Those who, prompted by and the example of public figures such as Bob Geldof, who said, aresehloles, wankers, bastards, CUNTS, and the Archbishop of Canterbury who said the decision is a little disappointing, those who have offered homes to Syrian refugees in their own properties, thousands of Brits offered spare rooms and even sofas to those who need them.

But the Home Office has turned down their offer, saying that accommodation must consist of a whole house only. A government spokesperson said, “Do these people not realise most of the fugitives from justice have four wives and dozens of children as well as large extended families. We urge people who want to help to will their homes to the government refugee apppeal and then kill themselves and their families so we can reallocate the empty properties to deserving cases.

Under that definition even the offers made by the Geldof and the Archbishop are likely to go mostly unheeded – Geldof told Irish radio that he was ARSE, FECK, WANKER, willing to take in four families, three in his Kent home and one his London flat living alongside his family, while the Archbishop has offered a cottage in the grounds of Lambeth palace large enough to home two families. The rules would seem to require a little more than that, but its all in the name of multiculturalism folks.

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Syrian Doctor Makes More Trafficking Migrants to Greece Than He Can Doctoring
A former doctor from Syria has described how he now makes £60,000 a month trafficking people from Turkey to Europe. He has warned European Union (EU) member states that the refugees will continue to come even if all the borders are shut, saying “They will dig tunnels if necessary.”

Hungary passes new laws allowing its army to use rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas on migrants, as EU holds emergency talks on Europe’s refugee crisis

‘Hungary has passed new drastic laws allowing its army use rubber bullets, stun grenades, tear gas and net guns on the thousands of desperate refugees hoping to pass through the country on their way to new lives in northern and western Europe.

Muslim Migrants Promised “Free Blonde Swedish Girls”, Imam says Muslims Should Breed With Europeans to “Conquer Their Countries”
This content is so gobsmackingly evil, all we can say is if we hsad not spent hours authenticating it, we would not believe it. If after readin and watching this you still think uncomtrolled mass imigration from the Muslim nations of Africa and the middle east, you need to see a psychologist.

Stephen Nolan’s Pro-Migrant Stance – Boggart Blog Pays Tribute With Fat Bastard by The Macc Lads
The BBC will not accept any criticism when it comes to anything of a political nature. They would never back down.There is, it seems, no one in the entire institution who is not radically left wing and they are waging ideological war against the general population and against British culture and values.

How Neo – Con and Neo – liberal Globalism Freaks Are Destabilizing Europe According To Plan
A study by our owner/ editor of how the USA led global markets project has destsbilised the middle easdt and why that outcome looks as if it was the long term plan all along. Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Europe … all are strategically important and all were potential obstacles to Washington’s world domination ambitions.

Merkel’s Beloved Muslim Migrants Trigger Rape Epidemic In Munich
A story picked up by Pam Geller (always a reliable fact checker although some dislike her sensationist style of reporting) of Muslim migrats raping German women while migrant women are being forced into prostitution is not playing well with the feminists and left wing extremists who want us to believe the lie that these barbarians actually enrich our culture.

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